Donut Love

I have a confession…I am a donut addict! Seriously, I love them in every flavour shape and style. Except blueberry filled, who even likes that flavour?

I am lucky to have this group of ladies, mama's like me who LOVE donuts, design and all things pretty. One of these wise ladies sent me a quiz I couldn't resist trying: What kind of donut are you?

Here is the quiz!

I was a cream filled donut: No Surprise!

On the topic of donuts I couldn't resist sharing a few of my fav places and drool worthy recipes and pics.

Those of you living in Alberta, the Donut Mill is my fav stop in Red Deer en route to Calgary.

Guiness Stout Chocolate Donuts: Yes please! This recipe looks delish.

Adorable and yummy!

Impossible to choose just one.

I adore these prints by Penny Paper & Co

If I had any sewing ability I would try this.

Combining my fav things.



  1. I'm a glazed donut!
    At my bridal shower, one of the games was a quiz about how well you know the bride-to-be. One of the questions was what my favourite food is. The answers were hilarious: Donuts, chocolate croissants, candy, chocolate, pastries, etc LOL! I clearly have a sweet tooth and everyone knows it :P

    1. You are talking my language! I have such a sweet tooth. When I was pregnant it was out of control…way too many donuts!

    2. blasphemy! there's no such thing as too many donuts ;)

    3. Andrea! You are so right, there is no such thing as too many donuts.



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