Friday Love List

"You can never be overdressed or overeducated," 
Oscar Wilde

I can't believe it's already August! This summer has sped by, I guess having a little one will do that. Is that what it's going to be like now, always thinking "where has the time gone?!" I already can't believe how much Harrison has grown. And yet I still worry that he hasn't rolled yet or why have all the other babies found their feet and he hasn't. Insert new mom angst here! 
Each day brings something new and exciting to the table. I'm sure this weekend will be no different, Harrison is trying carrots!

Happy Friday everyone and here are my fav things! 

Photo from in the fun lane

  • I love Edmonton bloggers because they expose me to places I haven't heard of in my own city. Definitely want to try this place out on a rainy day. 

  • We added these bright yellow awnings to our store front this week. What do you think? I love how happy and bright they are! 

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone! 


  1. Don't worry! Sully only started rolling when he turned 5 months last week and up till then all I could think was "dammit, I should have done more tummy time with him!" He also JUST started putting his feet in his mouth. We also haven't started any solids yet, so Harrison's got that one! ;) But seriously, I know it's so hard not to worry or compare.

    Love the awnings! So cheery and bright. I will have to come check out your beautiful store one day.

  2. Love the new awnings! So adorable! My kid waiting until 6 months to sit. Not because she couldn't but because she was just lazy. So your kiddo will be just fine!
    The Accidental Mama



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