Mum-iform: Getting dressed post baby

Life changes when you have a baby in absolutely every way, don't even get me started on how our bodies change! Besides the lack of sleep, time and the need to go from rocking a baby to a site visit I needed to revisit my wardrobe.

I'm fortunate that I can do a lot of my work from home but I don't want to be in my PJ's all day and I still need work appropriate clothes for meeting with clients.  And of course everything I wear needs to be easy to wash - my son has spit up on my shoulder twice in the first 3 hours of this morning!

Here are a few of my fav's for my new mum-iform:

My life revolves around a schedule now, when did he eat, sleep, poop and when I need to know these things my phone is never handy so I'm back to wearing a watch.

I am OBSESSED with the watches from Danielle Wellington, the oversized gold face is divine.
Gap is reading my mind, chic sweat pants um yes please.
If you know me you know I have a thing for white t's, seriously they are my uniform, under a blazer or wish a cardigan they are my go to. I a friend just introduced me to Everlane, I love their t's and their message.

Juggling a baby, a stroller and a diaper bag I'm finding my usual purse tricky. I think it is time to invest a new cross body bag. Coach has so many options - which to choose?

Let's be honest you need a few accessories to dress up simple t's, I turn to Bauble Bar when I need a shiny pick me up.
Oh yeah obsessed with these too!


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