For the Love of Edmonton - Poppy Barley

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely ladies of Poppy Barley invited me to their fall launch. Excited really doesn't begin to describe just how happy I was to get get the first look at their new fall line. As always they brought their A game, I wanted every single piece.

Poppy Barley makes beautiful footwear - no question. But they also get how important quality footwear that feels as good as it looks is.

They share my belief that less is more but quality pieces are worth the investment. I hope you enjoy their story and support this amazing business!

Their Beginning
The talented ladies of Poppy Barley
Justine and Kendall's story is the kind that I admire, these women noticed a void in the marketplace: With mass production companies springing up everywhere, running small businesses out of town, Kendall, with her runner's calves, and Justine, with her high arches were frustrated! Justine and Kendall needed to solve their issue, and solve it they did. 

They came up with the idea to bring the art of custom boots to anyone with access to a measuring tape and the internet. Voila! Poppy Barley was born. 

An Eye for the Future with a Passion for the Past
Part of Poppy Barley's genius is that they understand the notion of combining forward thinking business strategies, while harbouring a love for the past art of custom shoe-making. Did you know that they are the first e-commerce company in North America to offer custom boots online, they believe in "slow fashion," where they take the opposite approach of mass manufacturing and listen to what their customers are asking for. 

There is so much of Poppy Barley's footwear that I want for fall! Here are a few of my favourites. I'll tell ya, it was hard to narrow it down:

Needless to say, Poppy Barley shoes are a necessity to any woman's fashionable wardrobe. A big thanks to Kendall and Justine for inviting me to their event, and for exposing me to perfect footwear. Yes, I said perfect. 


  1. I love Poppy Barley! They have taken a custom product and made it easily accessible to a global market! Everybody wins!
    The Accidental Mama

  2. Accidental Mama, I totally agree! We are lucky to have them.



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