Designing Women - Lane from Pura Botanicals

Today on our Designing Women series we are spotlighting Lane Edwards, the founder of Pura Botanicals. 

I can honestly say this line is amazing. I start and end my day with Pura. There is something about the beautiful natural aromas that make me stop and take a moment. Really, I actually take a moment.

Our long cold winters play havoc with my sensitive skin, coupled with a stressful lifestyle my skin has not been thanking me. But when I started using Pura my skin breathed a sigh of relief. 

Without further ado, let's chat with the lady behind the wonder: 

Welcome, Lane! Thanks for chatting with us. Can you start us off by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Thank you! I'm the Founder of Pura Botanicals. Our aromatic potions and conscious beauty care is handcrafted right here in Edmonton. Its created to elevate your sense of well being and connection to all things earthly and beautiful. I'm also a mama-bird to three littles all under the age of five. The
juggle keeps me passionate and on my toes. I pour my whole heart into everything I do, so life is pretty intense at the moment. 

How did you come up with the idea to start Pura Botanicals?

I think the seed was planted many moons ago. As a child, I loved concocting potions, and instead of lemonade stands, I held space science centre stands and sold Saturn Juice and Venus Bars- of course made out of mud, rocks and grass. I travelled through Europe after high-school and spent time at Fragonard, a famous French perfumery on the coast of France. Years later, I lived in Australia and studied their native bush flower essences and aromatherapy. When I was expecting my first baby, I became ultra sensitive to my self-care and beauty products. I couldn't stomach anything synthetic or made with toxic chemical based ingredients. 
The desire grew to create Pura because I was interested in the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and all-natural ingredients. I wanted to create an eco-friendly brand urban naturalists could really trust and feel good about using. 

Was holistic living something you have always been interested in?

Absolutely. I grew up in a home where healthy food and self-care rituals were our medicine. In my early twenties, I became a yoga teacher because I deeply value the mind, body & spirit connection. I'm so grateful for the wisdom I've collected over the years, it keeps me grounded and creative. 

If you could tell our readers one thing they might not know about the industry, what would it be?

Even though a self-care product says its 'all-natural', make sure you are aware of all of the ingredients. Many all-natural companies still use parabens, sulphates and preservatives. Its definitely not black or white.

What were you doing before starting Pura Botanicals?

I met my husband while working in Grand Cayman in my very early 20's. We travelled for awhile before coming home and receiving a degree in professional writing and corporate branding. While going to university, I taught yoga, and worked for lululemon. After my degree, we moved to Sydney, Australia to help lululemon brand into Australia. I guess I'm kind of a travel nut. I have such a fascination and respect for different cultures and being a bit nomadic is just in my blood. Its so good for the soul. 

What is your favourite product from the line? Why?

That's a really hard question! I truly love them all and for different reasons. They all serve a purpose in my self-care rituals. But, if I had to choose just one... personally, I love Sweet Face. Our daily moisturizer with Vanilla, Clementine & Chamomile is so soothing and hydrating. Its delicate, fresh aroma reminds me of the clementine orchards I visited in Italy in the summer. My skin feels so soft and dewy every time I slather it on. I love our botanical perfume mists too- I use them several times a day. Department store perfumes nauseate me. Pura mists are like a reset button for me, especially because I know all of the aromatherapy benefits. My kids love them too. psssst. we'll be launching our Pura organic baby line in the New Year. Its going to be incredible. 

What are some tips you could give us so we can start living more eco-friendly lives?

I love that city dwellers are growing their own gardens in their backyards to eat fresh and organic. I also support companies like Spud, that'll deliver fresh produce and eco-friendly brands right to your door. The markets in Edmonton are incredible. We really try not to even shop at the grocery store in the spring, summer or fall. We love supporting local farmers and artisans. We've taught our kids to be kind of crazy about recycling, and my five-year-old daughter always comes home from a walk with a pile of littered garbage she's picked up. I'm really conscious about all of the products I use in my home, from toothpaste to window cleaner. I boil vinegar to clean the air, and Pura always makes everything smell so fresh and natural. Its the little things that add up. I'm always aspiring to do more. I don't like being wasteful, so the less packaging, the more pure, the better.

In your opinion, what makes Edmonton such a great place to be a business woman?

Edmonton is rich with forward-thinking women with vision and drive. I love being a part of the supportive network of female entrepreneurs that are building sustainable, inspiring businesses. There are plenty of opportunities to collaborate with one another to elevate and further our ventures. Its a fervent, innovative time in Edmonton. Our city stands behind people who work hard and create something that elevates the collective well-being of Edmontonians. 

If you could give business women one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Go with your gut. All of the decisions I make for Pura are driven by first, my intuition, and second, by my personal experience and knowledge. I don't cut corners, its too competitive and out of integrity to do anything mediocre. If I can't do something 100%, I make sure I source someone who can. Stay at it- don't loose momentum. You have to be disciplined and that's hard when life gets busy, but when you're in the flow, keep going. Your business needs you.


  1. What a great post, sounds like I need to check out this brand! I love her piece of advice about following your intuition, sometimes your gut knows best! ;) XO, D

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