Breakfast Television - Decorating your Mantle Place

'Tis the season! If you know anything about me, it's that I love the holidays. I love everything about them: from hot chocolates, to candy canes, to spending time with the ones I love. So I was understandably excited when Breakfast Television invited me to do a Christmas segment about decorating the mantle.

Other than the Christmas tree, the mantle place is the centre of holiday decorating at my house. It is where I pair family photos with Christmas stockings, giving the entire space a homey, familiar feel. 

For Breakfast Television I decided decorate two mantle places - one for you modern families and another for the more traditional soul.

Traditional Mantle Place

For the traditional mantle, I decided to focus on greens. Greens can look beautiful on a mantle, but without proper attention they can start to look like a mess. It is all about the right kinds of greens. Enter FaBLOOMosity - they created this beautiful arrangement of Magnolia leaves to place on top of the mantle. 

Another important part of the traditional mantle is symmetry. Balance your decor so that it is equal on either side. 

Modern Mantle Place

The key to designing a modern mantle is simplicity - pick a colour scheme and stick to it. Once you've done that, have some fun with it! The best part of a modern mantle is you can pick different colours that are outside the traditional box: cool blues, pink and mint greens are just a few examples. 

Once you have chosen your colour consider a monochromatic look - having one colour will keep the look cohesive and clean. 

General Tip:

If you are stuck decorating your mantle, remember this one piece of advice: Dressing your mantle is like dressing yourself: put your outfit together and then take one thing off - don't over dress your mantle! 

And there you have it! I hope this gave you some decorating inspiration this holiday season. Again, a big thanks to FaBLOOMosity for designing the beautiful floral arrangements. 


  1. These look awesome - I am more about a modern mantle myself. At home this year I hung a sparkly ornament garland above my fireplace and I love it! Gotta throw in a bit of sparkle everywhere I can ;) haha xo, D

  2. Haha I love it! I bet it looks great :)



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