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What I love about having a baby during this time is that there seems to be a large emphasis on buying local and supporting local companies. This means that there is such a wide range of good quality baby products on the market, love!

Today on Breakfast Television we talked about my favourite local buys these days, it was so much fun!

From the Seeds

I just came across From the Seeds, and I can't believe it took me so long! From teething bunnies to wooden toys, these adorable goodies will keep your baby happy and encourage his or her imagination!

Lil Fox Shoppe

If you follow me on Instagram or read this blog often, you'll already know how much I love Lil Fox Shoppe. There's just something about hand-made comforts that make each moment special. Her blanket and toques are a staple in my house!

Mawdsley Loves

So... Umm... Babies drool. A LOT. Like more than I ever expected. That means you need a bib that can handle all that drool. Enter Mawdsley Loves. These bibs are hardcore! 


Numpfer was one of the first baby lines I carried in my store, and it is still one of my favourites! The organic bamboo is so soft, it is perfect for newborns. Make sure you bring this with you to the hospital, I wish I did! 

559 Toys

Is it just me, or are baby toys more complicated than they need to be these days? That's why the baby rattles from 559 Toys are perfection - they are well crafted, but not too extravagant. Harrison loves his!

Sweet Jane Studios

Who doesn't love onesies? I could play dress up with Harrison all day long. But alas, he wouldn't like that, and I've got stuff to do! But it's so, so tempting when I've got Sweet Jane Studios around, how adorable is this?!

First Prints

With Harrison crawling everywhere and getting into all sorts of adventures, I needed to make sure he had footwear that would stay on his feet. He's an active guy! First Prints is the perfect fit, literally. Made with high quality leather, they fit around baby's ankle like glove, allowing him or her to take on the world!

Want some of these goodies for your little one? They are all available on our online store

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