New Year, New Planner - My favourite planners for 2015

I used to be a die hard agenda user, that little black book came with me everywhere. Then my iPhone came along and I abandoned my beloved agenda.

That said with a new year ahead of me I'm thinking of returning to an agenda. There is something about writing your tasks down and being able to cross them off that I miss. And at the end of the year having an account of what you have achieved. That said it is one more thing I need to keep with me and to try not to lose.

All the planners are so pretty, as I contemplate starting a planner here is a round-up of my favourite planners.

It's impossible to deny how pretty these planners by Emily Ley are!
Sadly this one is already sold out!
 I love the idea of her home planner binder - the perfect place to keep all of your families plans.
Gigi New York has been making planners since 1977, it was their first product and remains a classic. Made in New York of beautiful soft leather I like how elegant and sleek they are. Plus you can personalize them!
Crazy for this metallic gold one!

Come one how cute is this? And at only $38 its not a budget buster. You can always trust in Kate Spade.

The first product from Design Love this planner is divine. Pretty and encouraging!

There is always the weekly planner option, Rifle has a few pretty choices.
Earthy and pretty this Orla planner is lovely.
Feeling wild - maybe this leopard print agenda will inspire your days.




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