Oiling up that baby bump!

I'm in the final weeks of my second pregnancy - which means each night I'm so oiled up I could enter a pregnancy body building competition. Dear god I hope they don't exist!

Since I had Harrison I've gone the natural route with all my skin products. Here are a few of my go to's. Pregnant or not these should be in your arsenal.

1. Pura Botanicals Petal Fudge smells amazing and is like velvet on the skin!

2. Belly butter - Here in Alberta we suffer from dry weather so dry itchy skin while pregnant is a day to day problem. 

3. Belly oil - This doesn't need an explanation - it is simply quite amazing! 

3. Julep Elixir - I use this on my nails, face and body - I can't get enough of it. 

4. Soap - The cutest part of the bar is the story - apparently 1 out of 4 babies are born with an outy belly button. Cute, right?




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