Our Mama Campaign - A big THANK YOU!!!

Owning your own business is a privilege and we are fortunate to be able to support charitable organizations. This year we decided to put all of our support behind WIN House, a cause near and dear to my heart. 

They are one of the few places mothers can escape domestic violence with their children. As you can imagine the number one reason mothers chose to stay in abusive situations is for fear they will lose their children. WIN house gives those women a safe haven. 

Like any mother I can't imagine living in a situation where my children and myself are in danger and have no place to go. I knew we needed to get behind WIN House and try and make a difference. The "Mama Campaign" was born!

Our Mama Tee

Our Mama Print
I convinced a few of my fav ladies/mamas to shoot our campaign.

Me, my mama and my little sister! Oh and my growing baby bump!
For weeks leading up to Mother's Day, we sold our "Mama" tee's and prints, 100% of our net proceeds to WIN House. 

I loved shipping all over North America knowing all of those Mama's were supporting such an important cause!

You came out to support us in ways that surpassed my expectations. You told your friends, posted on social media, and wore your t-shirts proudly.

A owe each of you a huge THANK YOU! With your support, we were able to donate enough for WIN House to buy: 

10,000 diapers This means that we can support 80 moms when they come into the shelter and stay for the full 21 days. 


Keep their crisis line open for 60 days - During that time they are likely to take up to 500 calls. It takes a lot of courage to call for help and knowing that someone was on the other end to answer their call and listen is an amazing feeling.

Rockin' my "Mama" tshirt when I announced our news!
Our tshirts and prints are still available and we would be oh-so grateful if you continued to support this amazing cause!


Credit: Kristin Gibson Design donated her time to create our "mama" design.


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